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At Liftwire, we’ve designed our transportation management solutions to help automate and streamline data entry and communication processes for your business. But we know that it can be hard to make a company-wide change without fully understanding our product. Our team is happy to offer you a free trial so you can better envision how Liftwire can help you. We’ll transfer all your key data to the Liftwire platform so you can try it without doing any work. Just contact our team to get started with your free trial today!


Our logistics software can help streamline certain aspects of your businesses with:

  • Automatic data entry processing

  • A digital portal that keeps track of shipments, carriers, origin, and destination

  • Shipment management and document export for customers, carriers, and team members

  • Streamlined communication between all key members of your industry


Accessible Through Any Web or Mobile Browser


Replace Inefficient Excel Spreadsheets


Receive Critical Information Via Text Messaging


Easy-to-View Shipment Dashboard

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About Our Software

From ticket management and automated data entry to integrated messaging and load organization, we’ve designed our software to offer organizational support for bulk industries. This includes agriculture, forestry, aggregates, and dry bulk industries.

With our program, all of your drivers, managers, and key players will have access through any web or mobile browser, meaning that you don’t need to install software or require carriers to download anything. On top of that, you can communicate with any drivers or managers using text messaging and our messaging portal.

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Our Software

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About Liftwire

Liftwire is a platform that was designed to help reduce the bottlenecks and pain points of transportation management for bulk commodities. Our team noticed that there was a lack of transportation management software (TSM) specific to the bulk industries and designed Liftwire to help simplify load management and communication.

Ready to work with Liftwire? Let us know if you have any questions about the capabilities of our transportation management solutions or request a free trial of our software today!

About Us

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Our free trial offers you and your business the chance to test out Liftwire and better understand the manual processes it can replace. Make it easier to track shipments and communicate with different key team members! Contact Liftwire with any questions or request your free trial today!