Transportation Management Solutions for Bulk Industries

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At Liftwire, we saw a gap in the market when it came to transportation management solutions for the bulk industry. When it comes to bulk commodities, there are a lot of moving parts, like managing, assigning, and organizing loads, tracking important data, communicating with key players, including managers and drivers, and more. With our logistics tracking software, you’re able to do that all in one place — easily accessible through any web or mobile browser! Get started with Liftwire, and ask about a free trial to see if our transportation management solutions are the right choice for your business.

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With our transportation management solutions, you can:

  • Automate data entry

  • Replace inefficient excel spreadsheets

  • Communicate with drivers and key players

  • Keep track of tickets and shipments

  • Send and receive critical information

  • Manage everything in one platform

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Dry Bulk

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Other Bulk Commodities

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A Look at Our Software

From ticket management to integrated messaging, automated data entry, and load organization, our bulk commodity handling software is designed specifically for the bulk commodity industry. In one program, managers, drivers, and key players can access important load information, input key data, and communicate via text messaging.

Don’t let valuable data or information get lost in the daily shuffle of your business. Instead, find transportation management solutions you can trust for your business. Try Liftwire today and learn more about our software.

Our Software

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We know that it can be hard to know if our transportation management solutions will help streamline your processes. That’s why Liftwire offers a free trial of our logistics software so you can try it out for yourself.

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Say Goodbye to Inefficient Excel Spreadsheets

Ready to replace your inefficient tracking tools for something that’s intuitive and designed specifically for your industry? That’s where Liftwire comes in. We wanted to create something that was simple and would easily share information in real time between managers, drivers, and key players.

Always know what loads you have and easily communicate within your company. Get started with Liftwire today and find transportation management solutions that actually work!

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