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Liftwire provides organizational tools for logistics managers, bulk commodity merchandisers, and accounting managers in the agriculture, aggregates, and dry bulk industries. Our key features include automated data entry, load organization, integrated messaging, and ticket management. Not sure if our logistics management software is right for your business? Our team at Liftwire can set up a free trial so you can try our software for yourself. We’ll convert your shipment information to our platform for you, so you can try the platform without doing any work. Ready to improve the way your business operates? Contact Liftwire to get started today!

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Reduce Manual Entry Processes With One Program

  • Manage all of your information in one place

  • Provide access for managers, drivers, and other key players

  • Get logistics management software designed specifically for the bulk industry

  • Reduce the amount of time needed each day to manually enter information


Easily Manage Documents for Managers & Drivers


Save Time With Automated Data Entry


Communicate With Drivers & Key People Through Integrated Messaging


Keep Track of Past, Present, & Future Loads in One Place

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Ticket Management

Small or large businesses alike should have a simple and efficient way to manage tickets. Liftwire allows you to retrieve tickets via text messaging, assign tickets to loads to better track documents while they're in the workflow, and easily export when it's time to archive so no ticket gets lost in the shuffle.

Automated Data Entry

How many hours a day do you or your drivers and managers spend manually entering data into your system? With Liftwire, you can convert documents from drivers and key people to Excel with just a few clicks — without having to manually key each data point!

Save your business time and money when you automate your data entry.

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Integrated Messaging

Simplify all of your communication with one program. Liftwire allows you to communicate with drivers and key people from one number, right from your computer screen. This means that drivers don't need to download an app to interact with Liftwire, and multiple people can perform the role of dispatching seamlessly so no communication gets lost or misplaced!

Load Organization

Whether you’re managing a small shipment or large fleet, you can manage key details all in one place. Our transportation management solution easily keeps track of what needs to go where on one clean, intuitive page that is viewable across the entire organization, or from home on any device.

This means that everyone in your business can use the same tool to track their loads and get all of the information they need in one place. Try Liftwire today!

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Easy to Access

Our logistics management software can be accessed through any mobile or web browser, meaning that you never have to download or install software. Our digital portal replaces inefficient excel spreadsheets and other clunky programs, making it faster to find the information you need.

Simplified Dashboard

Our software dashboard makes it easy to manage all of your key information in one place, including load organization, tickets, and recent communication. You can also prioritize, plan, and track shipments directly from your dashboard!

Then, if you have critical information you need to get out to a dispatcher, driver, or other key player, we’ve made it easy to send that information via text message.

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Streamline Your Data With Our Logistics Management Software

No matter your role in the bulk industry, our logistics management software will make it easier to manage your data, organize your loads, track tickets, and more. If you’re interested in a free trial of our software, don’t hesitate to contact us to get started with your free trial or answer any questions you have today! Don’t let the manual entry aspect of your job hold you back — spend more time on what matters and leave your data organization to us at Liftwire!

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