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Liftwire is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that was created for the bulk industry by experienced commodity handlers who are intimately aware of the bottlenecks and pain points of managing transportation of bulk commodities. The idea for Liftwire originated from the lack of a Transportation Management Software (TMS) that was capable of solving inefficiencies specific to managing bulk logistics.

Learn more about Liftwire and our logistics management software. If you want to see if our solution will have an impact on your business’s operations, you can request a free trial to experience our program for yourself!

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Not sure if our software is the right solution for your business? Liftwire offers support for different bulk industries, including:

  • Agriculture

  • Forestry

  • Aggregate

  • Dry Bulk

Whether you’re a logistics manager, commodities trader, or fleet owner involved in handling bulk commodities, our software is designed to ease your manual entry processes and make it easy to manage loads and other business data

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Access Everything From a Web or Mobile Browser

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Plan, Prioritize, & Track Shipments

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No Need to Download a Mobile Application

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Manage All of Your Documents in One Place

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Why Choose Liftwire?

No business enjoys managing data, shipments, and client communications, especially if it involves a large excel spreadsheet. That’s where our software comes in.

Instead of designing a program that needs to be installed or downloaded onto your device, we wanted to create a portal where you could easily access all of your information directly from a web or mobile browser.

Instead of opting for a different program or software, opt for something designed specifically to fill the gap in the bulk transportation market. Choose Liftwire to get the best in transportation management solutions.

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We know that moving all of your business’s data to a new system can feel daunting — especially if you don’t know if the system is right for your business. That’s why we offer a free trial of our software.

Contact us and discover for yourself how our transportation management solutions can improve your business operations! We’ll do all the work to get you set up for a trial, so you can focus on testing the solution.

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Digital Portal & Shipment Dashboard

Our digital portal compiles all of the information managers, drivers, and other key players need to access. Right on the digital portal you can view shipments, carriers, and origin and destination information.

The shipment dashboard provides one point of access to streamline the process for managing and updating shipment information. You can plan, prioritize, and track shipments directly from that dashboard.

If you need to communicate with a driver or other key players, you can send and receive critical shipment documents — like tickets or BOL — through text messaging.

Then, when it’s time to share key information with your customers or clients, you can pull that data directly from our software, eliminating your need for complicated or bulky excel spreadsheets. Learn more about our software and transform your business processes with Liftwire today.

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Trust Our Transportation Management Solution

LIftwire was designed specifically for the bulk commodities transportation industry. This means that our software is designed to handle shipments, carriers, destination information, and other data that your company needs to manage.

Ready to reduce your manual entries and make it easier to communicate with key players and drivers? Try Liftwire today and find a transportation management solution that offers the most for your business. Get started with a free trial!

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