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Are you tired of managing the transportation of bulk commodities? Look no further. Liftwire is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that is created to address the bottlenecks and pain points that businesses have to go through in the bulk industry.

We are here to help you handle all your commodities through a single platform. Request a free trial of our software today!

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What Makes Us Different?

Load management, internal/external information, and active engagement with drivers and brokers are all challenging tasks. Liftwire's services can save you the burden of manual data entry. We specialize in handling the logistics of bulk commodity shipping. In addition, we provide services to address inefficiencies in bulk logistics management.

Manual input of daily records can frequently result in inaccuracies and errors. Our effective software was created mainly to address a void in the bulk transportation industry. Liftwire can provide you with an ultimate transportation solution.

We are the ideal choice in the Agriculture, Forestry, Aggregate, or Dry Bulk sectors. Liftwire logistics management software will make it easier to handle everything for you, no matter what area you operate in.

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Our Software at Your Ease

Liftwire logistics software will handle all the planning, organizing, tracking, and communicating, among other things, that your business requires. Our transportation tracking software is designed to help your company grow.

Our data entry automation function will save you both time and money. In your firm, access is granted to all authorized users. In addition, Liftwire provides a trucker ticketing system to facilitate export and minimize loss.

As an added bonus, our freight management software allows you to view cargo tracking and records from any location and device. With our effective transport management system, you can connect all your company's key responsibilities.

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All traditional time-consuming responsibilities are eliminated by logistics tracking software. Additionally, we also provide solutions that can be managed and accessed from a single platform.

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