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Commodities Trading & Logistics: How Are They Related?

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Through our logistics software, Liftwire provides communication tools for logistics managers, bulk commodity merchandisers, accounting managers, and other key players in the bulk commodity and wholesale industry. But how are commodities and logistics related? Learn more and reach out to our Liftwire team to request a free trial of our software.

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What Is Commodities Trading?

The trading of commodities means the buying and selling of bulk goods — like metal, energy, livestock, and agricultural products like grain or lumber. The commodities market has become very sophisticated over the years, making it possible to exchange commodities around the world. It all begins and ends with logistics, and the more efficient those logistics, the better commodity handlers perform.

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What Are Commodity Logistics?

Since trading and wholesaling involves the movement of bulk commodities around the world, logistics management plays an important part in keeping track of every aspect of commodity trading. From how those different goods are stored and shipped to who is responsible for transporting them, whether on a truck, ocean, or rail freight, it’s important to have an effective logistics system in place.

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Logistics With Trading

In order to mitigate risk in commodity trading, the key is to manage and optimize supply chain logistics to ensure there aren’t any problems or interruptions in that supply chain. It is very important to know the where and when of each shipment at all times. This is where logistics software, like Liftwire, comes in.


Trading Fueled With Logistics

But how is trading fueled by logistics? Logistics software can provide real-time data about loads, drivers, available storage, what crops are ready to be harvested, what orders are ready to be filled, and more. With up-to-date data that’s easily accessed by all involved parties, ranging from drivers and managers to producers and end-users, decision-making is optimized and performance is improved.

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If you’re looking for a logistics software that will help you easily manage documents, automate data entry, communicate with all key people, and manage past, present, and future loads, get started with Liftwire. Learn more about our logistics software and request a free trial of Liftwire to see if our communication and tracking tools are right for you!

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