4 Friction Points in Your Logistics Management and How To Solve Them

How To Reduce Friction Points And Get Your Logistic Process Working For You

Friction points are expensive; Liftwire can help.

Friction points can stop your logistic process dead in its tracks. They bottleneck engagement and retention and can wind up being an expensive cost of business. Friction points are unavoidable, but by being proactive now, you can avoid major logistic problems later. Today, Liftwire is taking a look a four friction points that can affect your business.

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Unplanned Freight Costs

The cost of unplanned shipments can add up fast. If you’re not entirely dialed into your inventory process and able to correctly forecast your inventory needs, those rush shipments can burn through your business costs in no time. With Liftwire, our logistics management system software takes all of your data into account so we can consolidate as many shipments as possible and save the expensive costs of unplanned freight. The best part is, you can try Liftwire software for free today. All you have to do is contact us, and we’ll take care of the rest, including uploading all your business data.

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Manual Entry Processes

The time spent manually filling out data sheets and completing forms can be endless, and the costs of the hours spent on these processes can run into the thousands. Your logistics methods can be simplified through our logistics software for small businesses. At Liftwire, we have one program that reduces all the manual processes that eat time and cost you money. With all your information in one place and the ability to add and remove managers at will, our software can change the way you look at logistics and help you save money. Our logistics management system software is specially designed to reduce the amount of time spent on manual processes.

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Lost Tickets

Ticket Management plays a huge role in how your logistics process will play out. When a ticket is lost in the shuffle, the ripples can be felt throughout your organization. Customers don’t get their shipments, sales don’t get made, and your customer service line never hears the end of it. Most importantly, word of mouth gets around, and suddenly sales begin to drop. At Liftwire, we allow you to retrieve your tickets via text messaging, assign tickets to loads and easily export when it's time to archive, so no ticket gets lost in the shuffle. Logistics management system software that works for you.

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Missed calls, unanswered texts, forgotten emails, and not getting a hold of the right driver at the right time can make or break a delivery. Liftwire’s logistics software for small businesses takes your communication touchpoints and gathers them in one program, so communication is crystal clear and consistent. There’s no need to download an app, and Liftwire software makes it possible for multiple people to play a part in dispatching, meaning that communication lines are always online and ready for use. Find out more about Liftwire’s logistics management system software today and see how we help businesses simplify logistics processes.

Friction points are expensive, and Liftwire can help elevate the pressure they can put on a business. Our logistics management system software simplifies the shipping world and gives you more control and clarity of your logistics process. Get in touch today to start your free trial and see how Liftwire can help simplify your freighting system.

Friction points are expensive, Liftwire can help.